Scaler School of Technology: Building Top Tech Talent in India

Scaler School Of Technology

  • A Different Path to Tech Excellence
  • Focus on Industry Needs
  • Integrated Learning and Internship
  • Selective Admissions and Mentorship
  • Unmatched Results
  • High Placement Rates
  • Competitive Salaries for Graduates
  • The Scaler Advantage
  • World-Class Facilities in Bangalore
  • Industry Leaders as Mentors (Super Mentors)
  • Vibrant Campus Life


Scaler School of Technology (SST) is a unique institution redefining undergraduate computer science education in India. Founded by IIT Hyderabad alumni, SST aims to bridge the gap between traditional academic learning and the fast-paced demands of the tech industry.

A Different Path to Tech Excellence

Unlike traditional universities, SST offers a four-year, fully residential program specifically designed to develop students into top software engineers. The curriculum emphasizes practical skills and real-world problem-solving, aligning closely with the needs of leading tech companies. An integrated one-year internship allows students to gain valuable industry experience and build strong professional networks even before graduation.

Admission to SST is highly selective, ensuring a talented and dedicated student body. Students benefit from personalized mentorship through the “Super Mentors” program, where they gain guidance from industry leaders and experienced professionals.

Unmatched Results

Scaler boasts an impressive track record of graduate success. Over 3700 students have secured placements with top tech companies, with the highest recorded salary at a staggering ₹1.7 crore. The average graduate salary sits comfortably at ₹21.6 LPA, surpassing the average offered to graduates from many established IITs.

The Scaler Advantage

Located in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, SST offers a world-class learning environment with modern facilities that foster collaboration and innovation. The “Super Mentors” program, featuring industry leaders from companies like Google, Meta, and Microsoft, provides students with invaluable insights and connections.

Beyond academics, SST fosters a vibrant campus life with a strong focus on community and extracurricular activities.

Scaler School of Technology is a compelling alternative for aspiring tech talents seeking a program that prioritizes industry readiness and exceptional career outcomes.

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