Taming the App Drawer: How to Show and Hide Apps on Your Samsung Phone

Fow To See Hide Apps In Samsung
Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps on your Samsung phone? Or perhaps you have apps containing sensitive information you’d like to keep hidden from prying eyes. Thankfully, Samsung’s Android interface offers built-in functionalities to manage your app visibility. This article delves into the world of hidden apps on your Samsung device, guiding you through the process of both revealing and concealing them.

Unveiling the Hidden: Methods to See Hidden Apps on Samsung

There are two primary ways to see hidden apps on your Samsung phone:

  • Through Home Screen Settings: This method utilizes the built-in “Hide apps” option within the home screen settings.
  • Via Secure Folder (Optional): Samsung’s Secure Folder provides an extra layer of security for sensitive apps.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each method:

Method 1: Unmasking Apps via Home Screen Settings

  1. Access Home Screen Settings: Long-press on an empty area of your home screen. This typically triggers a pop-up menu. Select “Home screen settings” or a similar option.

  2. Locate “Hide Apps”: Depending on your specific Samsung model and Android version, the wording might differ slightly. Look for options like “Hide apps,” “Hide apps from home and app screens,” or something similar.

  3. Reveal the Hidden: You’ll be presented with a list of applications currently hidden from your home screen and app drawer. Simply tap the toggle switch next to the desired app(s) to unhide them.

  4. Back to Visibility: Once you’ve toggled the switch, the app(s) will reappear on your home screen and app drawer, readily accessible for use.

Additional Notes:

  • If you don’t see a “Hide Apps” option, your Samsung model might not have this functionality, or there might not be any hidden apps on your device.
  • Some third-party launcher apps might offer their own app hiding features. Consult your launcher app’s settings if the above method doesn’t work.

Method 2: Exploring the Secure Folder (Optional)

Samsung’s Secure Folder creates a secure space on your device where you can store and use sensitive apps and data. Here’s how to see apps hidden within Secure Folder:

  1. Access Secure Folder: If you haven’t already set up Secure Folder, you’ll need to do so first. You can find the option within the Settings menu under “Biometrics and security” or a similar category.

  2. Unlock and Enter: Once set up, unlock Secure Folder using your chosen security method (fingerprint, PIN, etc.). This will take you to the Secure Folder interface.

  3. Explore the Apps: Here, you’ll see a list of apps you’ve added to Secure Folder. These apps are technically hidden from your main app drawer but accessible within this secure space.

Important Considerations:

  • Apps within Secure Folder are isolated from the main system. They might require separate logins or data transfers, if needed, from your main apps.
  • To use an app hidden within Secure Folder on your main screen, you’ll need to move it out of Secure Folder. This can be done through the app management options within Secure Folder.

Taking Control: Techniques to Hide Apps on Samsung

Now that you know how to unearth hidden apps, let’s explore how to conceal apps on your Samsung phone:

  • Through Home Screen Settings (Repeat of Method 1 Steps 1 & 2): Follow the same initial steps as outlined in Method 1 for revealing hidden apps.

  • Hiding the Apps: Unlike before, this time, toggle the switch off for the apps you want to hide. This will remove them from your home screen and app drawer.

  • Maintaining Privacy: Hidden apps remain installed but become invisible for everyday use. This provides a layer of privacy for apps containing sensitive information. How to see hide apps in samsung

Additional Tips:

  • Remember, hiding apps doesn’t uninstall them. You can still access them through the Play Store or by searching for them within the app drawer (though they won’t appear in the search results).
  • Some system apps might not be eligible for hiding using this method.

Beyond Hiding: Alternative App Management Techniques

While hiding apps offers a privacy benefit, there are other ways to manage your app collection on your Samsung phone:

  • Disabling Apps: Disabling apps essentially renders them inactive, preventing them from running in the background and consuming resources. You can find the disable option within the Apps section of your Settings menu.

  • Uninstalling Apps: If you no longer use an app, consider uninstalling it to free up storage space and improve overall device performance. Uninstall options are also accessible within the Apps section of Settings.

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